Yes I know the weather should be awesome for your beach / garden wedding however you need to always always, always, have a backup wet weather plan in place.

Although the Sunshine Coast gets more than its fair share of simply stunning days, it can be fickle and out of the blue we get a random wet/windy/stormy day. Trust me the beach is not where you want to be when you have 20k winds and heavy or annoying rain, or worse thunder, and lightning rolling in. I have even once had a hail storm right when the girls were to be setting up the ceremony space.

When booking your reception venue please always ask what option do they have to hold your ceremony in the event of wet weather. Do they charge extra to use this option and how much notice do they require to access it.

Remember to ask what time of the day it will be available. The venue may be open to the public till 2pm if they are not expecting guests to arrive till 6pm, they may not be able to have you on site any earlier. Remember to also check this info with your stylist if using one. Also decide who it is who will be making the call on the day.

Brides often look at me as if I am on another planet when we discuss this issue, at our first meeting, however it is much better to be sad you did not get to use the back up option then to be scrambling to find somewhere. Oaks Oasis in Caloundra has a great wet weather option, this local Sunshine Coast couple  had planned on a stunning garden ceremony out by the pond in the beautiful grounds in the resort, however with winds of over 35knots it was moved inside where we could admire the grounds through the windows, and as so often happens the winds died down so they got some sunset photos later on in the day.

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