Wondering if you should  Include your furbabies in your wedding ceremony? Yes !!!!

They may have been the reason the two of you met, so that makes them the key guest to have with you as you start this new chapter of your lives as husband and wife !  or maybe you have bought them together and they are an important part of your family. If managed well it can be a beautiful aspect of your wedding.

My top tips for including your furbaby are -:

Check first with where you are having your ceremony if it is ok. Eg private venues may not love the idea, and no dogs are allowed into a national park.

Consider how they behave first with new people around and lots of people, they may not cope very well.

If all is good,  please consider having a nominated handler for the day, preferably someone they know well. 

Make sure the handler has a few treats in the pocket just in case.

It is a good idea to have someone take them back home again after the ceremony and photos have all been done, maybe there is a neighbour or family friend who is happy to come and see you get married and bring your furbaby back home afterwards.

If having them as the ring bearer, it is risky so know your pets well, recently I had a couple who each had one dog act as ring security and so the bestman and the bridesmaid each bought up a ring escorted by their much loved dashhounds it was soooo cute ! otherwise pop the ring inside a small bag and tie it very well to the collar, remembering of course, you do need to be able to open it easily to remove the ring at the right time.

One couple recently had both the rings in the bag and their handler walked up the aisle with them when asked and then he went off to the side and sat down beside the signing table so they could give him some love when they were there and of course he was there for the signing photos too !

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