A Dream Destination

Noosa – a dream destination, if you plan ahead ! Noosa is always a very popular choice for couples planning a Sunshine Coast wedding. For the most part, it’s a dream destination with all the elements you would imagine for a great wedding location – amazing venues, gorgeous natural backdrops for those photos and perfect Queensland wedding weather. There are, however a few things to consider before deciding if a Noosa wedding is right for you. As a local Sunshine Coast wedding celebrant, I love to be able to help out my couples with ideas for locations. Here are just three factors to consider when contemplating a wedding in Noosa. Booking your favorite ceremony location: You will need to book with Council well ahead. It’s not unusual for venues to be booked up to two years in advance. Remember Noosa is one of the most popular wedding destinations, not only for Australian weddings, but for tourists flying in for their perfect beach wedding. Parking: Noosa Heads is best for smaller weddings, as parking can be a real issue, especially in peak periods, which in this beautiful part of the coast is most of the time! Parking can be a little challenging for the wedding party as well as your guests, so it’s something to consider. Wind: For this wedding, we were in Noosa Sound as it was way too windy on the other side of Noosa… and luckily the area was available. The wind can seem to come from nowhere when you’re on the beach. You really need to think of all possibilities when planning styles for dresses and hair too. The last thing you want is for your day (and your photos) to be spoiled by a sudden gust of wind. So… book early, consider another area if you’re planning a large wedding and think about the wind when choosing your gowns and hairstyles. Noosa is a truly magical spot and if you’re well prepared your day will turn out magical too!

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