I love all things that celebrate love and life, so I not only perform weddings, but a range of different ceremonies. Let me help set the tone for any day of celebration for you.

Commitment Ceremonies

If couples want to have a second wedding after maybe getting married overseas or have faced an upheaval or overcome huge challenges.

There are times when a legal wedding can not be undertaken, this is when a Commitment Ceremony can be ideal. Some couples never got the ceremony they had hoped for, due to circumstances out of their control. This type of ceremony can be just as meaningful and create lots of cherished memories for all concerned.

Anniversary Celebrations & Vow Renewals

To celebrate a special anniversary such as 1, 5, 10, 25, 50 years or even after an upheaval or health challenge. It is valuable to take a moment in time to acknowledge and celebrate the life you have created together over the time of your marriage. To stop for a moment and show gratitude for what your have created during your married life.

“Ceremonies are celebrations that stand outside of time’s normal flow. They are occasions for stepping out of our routines and pre-occupations so we may touch something essential in life. We seek ceremony when we feel that something powerful and profound is happening.” (from David Oldfield—”The Journey”)

Baby Naming Ceremonies

To welcome a new baby into the family. To introduce your new addition to your extended family and friends. To celebrate your new addition to your family.

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