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NOV 15

The one day NOT to have a private quiet beach wedding! “We would love to be married on a quiet beach, somewhere fairly private” was the request from a lovely young Chinese student I met. He was solely responsible for organising an Australian beach wedding for his Japanese bride. “Sure thing!” I said “That’s easy to organise here on the Sunshine Coast as we have so many lovely locations to choose from.” Then I enquired, “When is your wedding?” His reply, “January 26. It is a lucky day in our culture.” Not Australia Day, I thought!! This is going to be tricky. I answered calmly, “January 26 is a special day in our culture too.” But I had to be honest with him and added “It is going to be rather a challenge to find what you are looking for on Australia Day! It’s the one day of the year when our beaches are packed with people!” After much discussion, we came up with a charming venue, away from the celebrating crowds at the beach. It was private, quiet and perfect for the small, intimate wedding. And I didn’t have far to go – it was our front deck! The ceremony was wonderful and our lovely couple went down to beautiful Currimundi Lake at sunset for some photos on the beach just as they had wanted. By then most of the Australia Day revellers had gone and they captured some lasting memories. They came back to our house to collect their belonging and posed for one last photo on the deck with the Mooloolaba lights in the background. Then, to top it off the fireworks went off in the background as if planned by the groom! What a magical end to a very Australian wedding! Photo from Jason Cosgrove Photography