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NOV 15

Always, ALWAYS have a wet weather back up plan! I’ve never met a bride who wants it to rain on her wedding day. Unfortunately, we can’t predict what the weather will do. Sunshine Coast weddings are usually blessed with perfect weather… but it does rain! That’s why I always discuss the importance of having a backup plan when I first meet my couples. Of course you want to get married on the beach, by the lake, overlooking the mountains or near the waterfall. However it is extremely important to have a second option ready… just in case. Remember also, if your wedding is in a public area, to book it in with the council well in advance. I worked with a couple whose wedding was booked for Charles Clarke Park – a lovely spot for a Mooloolaba wedding. The big day arrived and with it, the rain! Much as we crossed fingers and toes, it just wasn’t going to clear. Thankfully the couple had a back-up venue. The wedding decorator made the call in time and off to the wet weather venue they went to hurriedly start preparations. Unfortunately there had been a miscommunication with the restaurant as they were still open and serving lunch! Make a note: check, double check and triple check your main venue and your back-up venue! It was a nerve wracking time there for a while, but the awesome management quickly organised extra staff to come in and start setting up hours earlier than had been scheduled. Thanks to their amazing efforts, no one but the decorator and I were even aware of the problems and the ceremony went off without a hitch… well, except for Mr and Mrs getting hitched! The ceremony was just what the couple wanted - short and sweet, with personally written vows they read to each other. An unexpected benefit of changing from the park to an indoor venue was during the butterfly release as the butterflies stayed flying around inside a little longer! A beautiful reception followed, with divine seafood I might add! My hat goes off to ‘Fish on Parkyn’ for really stepping up on the day and contributing to a magical Mooloolaba wedding. The couple were so relieved to have a backup plan. Even though it wasn’t their first option, it turned out perfectly. Most importantly, having discussed it months before helped take the stress away on the day.